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Maxine Falker

Hearthstone – not so popular anymore

Because gaming producers have no assurance that a free game will bring them a lot of money, many analysts believe that the heyday of Hearthstone is gone.

Digital games with cards just like Hearthstone are quite numerous. However, this field is still at the beginning and many major developers have announced similar projects. While many players enjoy Hearthstone on PC, Mac or mobile, the Elder Scrolls producers are finishing Legends. This last game could be the biggest competitor for the RPG card game of Blizzard.

Hearthstone has, however, a more serious problem than the fact that there are some decent alternative games with a similar recipe. According to those from Superdata, the research firm has confirmed the fact that the game developed by Blizzard is in a downward spiral and may soon disappear on the market. Following a simple analysis it was concluded that the level of income for Hearthstone for iOS and Android is lower than the income from the launch of the first version.

Moreover, there are no signs that the earnings would change in the near future. From year to year and from month to month, more uninspired decision made by the developer have affected negatively the image of the game and has influenced the number of players.

The only good news is that the profit from the desktop version of Hearthstone has dropped slower than the mobile version. The recent gameplay decisions were not very popular in the community of Hearthstone players, and so many of them have started to play on mobile for free. Yet, there are still many players that at first play the game on their mobile just for free and later on they start to invent real money to acquire more items to win in the game.

In the recent months, the prices of Hearthstone have increased and those who prefer to use real money to purchase expansion packs have now more to lose. In practice, the game will not disappear anytime soon, but if it ceases to generate money, the interest of Blizzard for him will decrease.